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On reflection as tool in music education - with Torben Snekkestad

In the video below, saxophone player Torben Snekkestad talks about reflection:


About Torben Snekkestad

Over the years, Torben Snekkestad has explored vast areas of music in a reflected and open-minded way. From free improvisation and jazz playing as a leader and sideman to classical chamber music playing and as a soloist with symphony orchestras/sinfonietta, he is one of his generation's most versatile musicians. In both his solo and ensemble work, he manages to channel these manifold musical footsteps into a singularly identifiable saxophone sound, creating a highly elaborate and idiosyncratic musical language. With a distinct poetic ear, extremely extended playing techniques, intuitive improvisations, evocative compositional use of structure and textures, Snekkestad earns himself a place as one of the most inspiring Scandinavian saxophonists and improvisers around. Performed and worked with, among others: Barry Guy, Nate Wooley, Maja S.K. Ratkje, Koichi Makigami, Evan Parker, Søren Kjærgaard, Ken Vandermark, Raymond Strid, David Toop, Augusti Fernandez, Andrew Cyrille, Axel Dörner, Marta Sagnoli, Mats Gustafsson, Jon Balke, Oslo Sinfonietta and Cikada String Quartet. Toured extensively throughout Europe, the USA, Russia, East Asia and Argentina.