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SKUBA: Video resource bank in artistic research

SKUBA is a video resource bank about artistic research, for students and teachers in higher music education in Scandinavia.

Artistic research (AR) is the research area of and within the practice of creative and performing arts. Working methods and experiences from AR may help to strengthen development processes of art and music students.

In a series of videos, you will meet a number of different people who all have a relationship with the field of artistic research. Each of these tell briefly about various topics they are interested in, that may be relevant to you as a student or teacher. Each film can in turn lead to other material that you can move on to.

The videos are intended to provide a low-threshold introduction to the field of artistic research. They can be used by individual students, and they can be used actively in teaching. Others who may benefit from the resource bank are people who want to gain a quick insight into how to work within artistic research and development work.

One of the challenges of artistic research can be to find a good balance between the artistic practice with its inherent reflection, and the reflective activities that arise when you look at the practice from different points of view. The reflection can, for example, include aesthetics, questioning, awareness raising, discussion and problematization. The resource bank is intended to function as a tool for finding material that can help you develop your own reflection both inside and outside practice.

Many of the professionals in the videos have shared some tips for things you can check out further, and links to this can be found under the videos. Technically, the videos are made as if you were having a Zoom conversation with the professional; therefore sound and image are of somewhat varying quality, depending on what the professionals themselves have available in terms of technical possibilities.

The development of the AR video resource bank has sprung from the work in a Scandinavian "Think tank for AR-based music education", initiated by CEMPE. The members of this think tank have been employees from a number of Scandinavian music education institutions, who have had connections to both the AR field and teaching. These institutions have been: NMH (Oslo), NTNU (Trondheim), UiB (Bergen), UiT (Tromsø), KHM (Stockholm), GU (Gothenburg University), RMC (Copenhagen), DKDM (Copenhagen).

The editorial board for the resource bank consists of Ingfrid Breie Nyhus (leader) (NMH), Tone Åse (NTNU) and Henrik Frisk (KMH).

The resource bank is managed and operated by CEMPE and the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH). We would also like to thank all our Norwegian, Swedish and Danish sister institutions who have made it possible for staff there to contribute with video material.

We hope the resource bank can be a useful contribution that opens the door to how we think and work in artistic research, and as a tool for R&D-based education in music and art.