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What is artistic research? - with Anne Gry Haugland

In the video below, Associate Professor Anne Gry Haugland talks about what artistic research is:


About Anne Gry Haugland

Anne Gry Haugland holds a Ph.D. from the University of Copenhagen with the dissertation Naturen i ånden - on the philosophy of nature in Inger Christensen's authorship (2012). She subsequently carried out the research project The Poetics of Art - on the concept of reflection in artistic research (2014-2016) in a collaboration between DKDM and the University of Copenhagen. Since 2017, Anne Gry has been employed as an associate professor at DKDM, where she works with artistic research on many levels. From teaching critical reflection in "Methodology to the reflection assignment" on BA level, teaching artistic research for soloists on project development, advising artistic research projects at teacher level, to advising in connection with the development of the area at institutional level. She has developed the collaboration format KUV-Forum at DKDM and is also project manager for the research project Art and Learning.