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What does thinking art mean? - with Bjørn Kruse

In the video below, composer Bjørn Kruse talks about thinking art:


About Bjørn Kruse

Bjørn Howard Kruse was born in 1946 in London, but grew up in England, USA and Norway, with studies at UCLA, California and the Norwegian Academy of Music - a BA (clarinet) in 1975 and MA in Composition 1977. Started teaching 1976, Professor of Composition 1997. Professor Emeritus since 2013. List of works counts 160 titles, from chamber music and choir works to orchestral works and five operas. Recent awards: The Music Publishers’ Prize for Work of the Year in 2016 (for the clarinet concerto “Chronotope”), Spellemannprisen (Grammy Award) as Composer of the Year 2017, and The Lindeman Prize 2018 as composer.