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On video analysis of artistic processes - with Henrik Frisk and Stefan Östersjö

In the video below, Henrik Frisk and Stefan Östersjö talk about video analysis as tool:


About Stefan Östersjö

Stefan Östersjö is a leading classical guitarist specialising in the performance of contemporary music. As a soloist, chamber musician, sound artist, and improviser, he has released more than twenty CDs and toured Europe, the USA, and Asia. He has collaborated extensively with composers and in the creation of works involving choreography, film, video, performance art, and music theatre. Between 1995 and 2012 he was the artistic director of Ensemble Ars Nova, a leading Swedish ensemble for contemporary music. He is a founding member of the Vietnamese group The Six Tones, which since 2006 has developed into a platform for interdisciplinary intercultural collaboration. As a member of the Landscape Quartet he has developed an articulated performative practice within ecological sound art. As a soloist he has worked with conductors such as Lothar Zagrosek, Péter Eötvös, Pierre-André Valade, Mario Venzago, and Andrew Manze. Stefan Östersjö is chaired professor of Musical Performance at Piteå School of Music, Luleå University of Technology, guest professor at Ingesund School of Music, Karlstad University of Technology, Professor II at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and associate professor at DXARTS, University of Washington.

About Henrik Frisk

Henrik Frisk is an active performer (saxophones and electronics) of improvised and contemporary music and a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music. He is professor at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm at the department for electroacoustic music composition, and his research is concerned with improvisation, interactivity, spatialisation and experimental electroacoustic music. Among other research projects he is currently involved with Musical Transformations, a project exploring musical traditions and change. He has contributed to the <em>Routledge companion to research in the arts and is the co-editor and contributor of Acts of Creation, an anthology on artistic research supervision. Henrik has performed in many countries in Europe, North America and Asia including performances at prestigious festivals such as the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, NYC and the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland. As a composer he has received commissions from many institutions, ensembles and musicians. He has made numerous recordings for American, Canadian, Swedish and Danish record labels and is currently a member of the collective Kopasetic Productions which is an independent label owned and run by improvising musicians.He has had a close collaboration with Malmö based record label dB Productions but is currently mainly involved with the independent collective Kopasetic Productions.