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On taking part in traditions - with Ingfrid Breie Nyhus

In the video below, pianist and composer Ingfrid Breie Nyhus talks about taking part in traditions:


About Ingfrid Breie Nyhus

Pianist Ingfrid Breie Nyhus plays and creates music across the fields of folk, contemporary, improvised and classical music. She comes from a folk music family and studied piano in Oslo, Hanover and Helsinki. She works mostly with recomposing and improvising practices, often intertwining different traditions. A major work in recent years has been the music "Slåttepiano", where she explores the meeting between folk music aesthetics and the grand piano. She has received a number of awards, such as the Norwegian Soloist Award, appeared as soloist with orchestras such as the Oslo Philharmonic, the Trondheim Soloists, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, and performs regularly on international venues. She has an artistic PhD from NMH with the title "A Play With Traditions". She is a researcher at CEMPE / NMH, and works with the artistic research project "(un)Romantic / Improvising Interpretation" 2021-2024.