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On artistic processes and flow - with Susanne Rosenberg

In the video below, folk singer Susanne Rosenberg talks about process and flow:


About Susanne Rosenberg

Susanne Rosenberg, folk singer, professor, and Doctor of Music, has been a pioneer both in rediscovering the older Swedish style of folk singing and in using it in new artistic environments, involving cooperation with contemporary composers and directors, and with her own groups, with which she has toured Europe, Asia, and the United States. Rosenberg has developed the folk singing environment in Sweden by innovative research in Kulning (herding calls), folk song style, improvisation in folk singing etcetera. She is professor of folk singing at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. In 2013 she finished her artistic doctoral studies,Kurbits-ReBoot: Swedish traditional singing in new artistic context. Rosenberg is presently leading an inter-disciplinary improvisation research project, Folk Song Lab, funded by The Swedish Research Council.